5 Reasons Why DevOps Is a High-Demand Job

The demand for engineers, developers, and architects in DevOps is growing, and doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon

Even the experts of the IT field have no proper definition for DevOps. So, unfortunately, it’s not going to be a classic Coding as Creating start with a killer definition of what it is and what it does. But the good news is that we don’t really need it, because we’re here to talk about its popularity and not the meaning.

What’s the Meaning Anyway? 

DevOps, a term introduced by Andrew Shafer and Patrick Debois, was (and pretty much is) a part of the Agile software development revolution. And if you’re asking what that its, here’s the simple answer: Agile implementations are practices to deploy some principles in IT operations, so as to increase the overall performance of projects. 

However, it was much easier for the DevOps term to set the ball rolling and become the most spoken and heard technical term in the realm of IT. Since there are many different skills involved in its implementation, it’s not easy to give a certain definition that includes all of them. But here’s what you’ll get from Wikipedia: “[DevOps is] a set of practices intended to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production while ensuring high quality.”

As some have probably guessed, it’s a well-paid job. According to the research by GlassDoor, a professional DevOps engineer can earn up to $100,000 each year. But wait, that sounds like a scary job interview for the businesses and companies, right? Who would like to hire a technician that wants a $100,000 paycheck by the end of the year? 

Well, the reason for the demand is ROI. Simply stated, whether you invest the money on engineers for automation, configuration management, Docker container usage, Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration, or all of them, it’s these companies who’ll get the biggest paycheck by the end of the year. 

Since using DevOps implements helps a company increase its annual profit, more businesses are willing to hire such engineers. 

2. DevOps Practices Are Mortal 

According to most of the related reports, DevOps is likely going to remain an essential part of IT projects. That’s actually another reason why the job is in demand. 

You know what they say, “It’s to hire a DevOps engineer now, or it might be too late.”

Okay, there’s no such a saying—I made it up. But it’s highly true when it comes to IT projects’ future. Since the experts believe that it’s going to be even more vital for businesses, the demand to hire DevOps engineers is growING. 

3. DevOps Is Cloudy With No Chance of Failure

If you’re a technology geek, it’s might not be surprising to hear that most of the applications are changing to cloud-based platforms. But you might be surprised to know that it’s only possible through having some DevOps experts on your side. 

In other words, clouds and infrastructural processes applied through DevOps are complementary. You can’t have a successful change in the main platform of your application without deploying proper processes. And that’s why IT projects and businesses need to hire such engineers. 

4. DevOps Implementations Makes It Sufficient

Now, sufficiency is more important than ever. And as is the main purpose of Agile developments, DevOps is focused on increasing that. 

When you apply the practices, updates are more frequent, users are able to interact with the application easily, and all the changes are confirmed as fast as possible

So fewer more reputation-threatening errors will pop up. Moreover, the whole company and development teams will work in a harmonized way—with the most sufficiency possible. 

That’s also another reason why such a process is in demand now. 

5. DevOps Knows IT Is All About Competition

It wasn’t hard to start a business in a particular field and enjoy having no competitors around 20 years ago. But now, things are totally different. You can see how many local and global competitors you have in a specific industry just using Google. And I’m sure it’ll be breaking down a moment to see the length of the list. 

But don’t give up yet; there’s a way to get ahead of all of them. And, you guessed, it’s DevOps implementation. 

So, as a surprise to absolutely no one, DevOps is in demand since it can make you number one on the list. No matter whether you have an IT-based company, or it’s just your business application that needs it, DevOps can set the ball rolling for you—and you keep it going without fail.

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