5 Tips On How To Keep Clients Happy

So, your company has mastered the technical aspect of operations. But have you done everything you can to keep your customers coming back for more?

Consumer satisfaction is at the core of what every company is trying to achieve, but what are the key principles that make this goal attainable?

In this article of Coding as Creating, I will outline five strategies that will strengthen your relationship with your clients and make your company thrive on consumer satisfaction.

Communication is the Key

Communication is the most important part of every project. Without it, you fail to understand your client’s demands, and you will lose the chance to present your work efficiently and effectively. Moreover, you’ll not get a chance to aim at consumer satisfaction.

So, it is essential to find the best way of communication with your client. Although knowing the ins and outs of effective communication would require a thorough and lengthy discussion. Here, I will provide you with some essential techniques and strategies:

  • Find the best suitable communication channel (such as video chat, email, etc.) for each client.
  • Address the client’s concerns and requirements in a vigilant manner.
  • Share relevant information with clients before they feel the need to ask for updates.
  • Keep clients up to date with any news or alteration that could affect them.
  • Add a personal touch to flourish the relationship with each client.

If Something Keeps Repeating, Automate It!

We hear a lot about DevOps, and we almost use it in every project all the way from integration to deployment.

I’d like to talk about the mindset behind DevOps which you can benefit from in other parts of your project. The key idea behind DevOps is the efficient use of time, and the way to achieve this efficiency is through automating the recurring parts of your work.

Spending some extra time developing the automated version of these specific tasks will save you multitudes of time. And as you already know, “Time Is Money” in business.

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Do Not Forget the Importance of Design

The Agile methodology breaks down all the development work into short steps including planning, design, implementation, etc. Sometimes, our main focus more is on delivering the final product rather than having a competent design. (I’ll keep the detailed reasoning for another time).

However, a major contributing factor here is that the design process does not interest most people. Developers are more interested in the coding processes and immersing themselves in the technical challenges.

Implementation, on the other hand, is perfect only if accompanied by good design. Plus, clients may show impatience to see the final product. But in the end, they expect to have a product implemented with an acceptable design.

Be Critical About Your Way of Working

In every company, people tend to gravitate towards a certain fixed work strategy. Sometimes we are not aware of how this can make them inflexible and insensitive towards their client’s specific needs.

So besides relying on your own way of working, it is good to be critical. Plus, it’s smart to always have some extra room for improvements.

Some of my clients, for instance, are usually from banks or financial institutes. And we have come up with an effective work strategy over the years which is functioning very well.

However, the big question is that “will the same strategy work for other institutions like insurance companies?”

Well, there’s no way to say for sure. So, we always need to evaluate whether our existing current strategies are effective in new environments. Or it’s time to make changes based on the new project.

In my money, it’s wise to have a different strategy based on different project types and clients to ensure consumer satisfaction. This way, you adapt yourself based on the client’s demands, leading to better results.

Put Yourself in the Client’s Shoes

When you work for a client, think about their business as your own. This is how you can have a better understanding of things that must be done. And then you can plan a better roadmap to succeed in that particular business.

You will also build consumer satisfaction. That’s because they will feel you’re both on the same side.

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