Are DevOps Engineers Also Developers? Well, They Better Be!

Not all DevOps engineers are developers. There are 2 sorts of specialists in the field of development & operations in SDLC, those whit developmental backgrounds and those with previous System Administration career.

So, are DevOps experts also developers? It depends on their background.

However, there’s an even more imperative question to ask.

Is It Necessary for a DevOps Specialist to be a Developer?

No, it’s not necessary to be a person who has a developmental background when it comes to “DevOps.” But since progressive procedures are a vital part of the implementation in SDLC, developers usually make better DevOps engineers.

They, obviously, are more likely to deliver a sufficient code sheet thanks to their field knowledge. Plus, they are already familiar with the principles of coding in a client-oriented environment.

Does that mean a specialist with System Administration experience cannot do so?

Definitely not. There’s no such rule as a System Administrator is not a good DevOps expert candidate.

But considering the statistics alongside the real-world observations, developers are more likely to turn into successful DevOps specialists in a team.

While the chances of creating a code sheet with serious flaws are equally distributed between coders, your best bet would still be working with developers who’ve become DevOps experts. 

It’s Called Development & Operations for a Reason

You can compose code in a hundred different ways, if not thousands. But DevOps is all about writing it in the most efficient way and exclude all other less-sufficient ones.

During such implementation, you must care about progress and function at the same time. Otherwise, achieving a satisfying outcome will be less likely.

That’s exactly why it’s best to have team members who have been working according to progressive methods.

In other words, while a System Administrator can handle operational procedures with no problem, it’s only a developer who can oversee progressive and functional procedures at the same time.

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